Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some things you may want to know about using the school for heroes site. Please let us know if you have other questions or can think of topics to add to this FAQ.


What is the school about?

The School for Heroes is a free web site created by Lori and Corey Cole to help you discover and improve your skills as a Hero. It is loosely based on the Coles' Quest for Glory role-playing/adventure game series, but the emphasis is on being a Hero in real life.

After you take the test at What Kind of Hero Are You?, you will be admitted to the school as a Warrior, Wizard, Paladin, Bard, or perhaps a "Disbarred Bard" (more commonly known as a Rogue). Each class reflects your personality and way of approaching problems, and has different assignments from the other classes.

The school also has forums for role-playing and discussion with other students, two weekly blogs, and a newspaper created by the students.

There is no age requirement. Most students at the school range from teenagers to 20's and 30's, but that's just the way self-selection works.

Who's Who at the School?

The Famous Adventurer (also known as FA) is the school mascot and spiritual leader. His many books and pamphlets on subjects related to heroism and adventuring are best-sellers on his home world of Glorianna. He's famous because he has started so many adventurers on their heroic careers... and maybe because he says he is.

Our instructors hail from all corners of Glorianna. Warriors are led by Mombera MacGillicuddy, the Paladins by Moira Glenshannon, the Wizards by Professor Silvia Witherspoon Featherstonehaugh, and the Bards by Lorenzo Lafcadio. Each is a legend in our time, but they have all graciously agreed to share their knowledge and experience with their students.

Brief biographies of all of the teachers may be found at The Main Hall.

Corey and Lori Cole are the creators of the Quest for Glory series of role-playing adventure computer games and the Earth-based founders of The School for Heroes. They believe that role-playing games teach important life lessons, and that the world could use a few more heroes, so they started the School to promote heroism. And maybe they'll be able to turn the School into a new game.

What is Quest for Glory?

Originally known as "Hero's Quest", Quest for Glory was a 5-episode computer role-playing/adventure game developed by Corey and Lori Cole, and published by Sierra On-Line between 1989 and 1998. It was one of the first games to combine the character development and skill systems of role-playing games with the storytelling, dialogue, and puzzle-solving for which adventure games are known.

Quest for Glory lets the player take on the role of a "wannabe" Hero as he learns the skills with which he can help people and save the world. We promoted our ideas of self-reliance, ethics, and heroism through the games.

Apparently these ideas resonated with the players, as the games were critically acclaimed and sold over 1 million units.

The Quest for Glory continues in The School for Heroes, where students learn how to apply the concepts of fantasy heroism to their daily lives.

Where is the school located?

Geographically, the school for heroes is just outside Silmaria, the capitol of Marete on the world of Glorianna. This corresponds loosely to Crete on our world, and the climate is very similar.

On the Web, you can find the school at The School for Heroes. The Coles live in California, but the school is world-wide with students in Japan, the Ukraine, and many other countries.

How do I get started?

Your first step is to find your hero class by taking the test at What Kind of Hero Are You?.

After you complete the test, make sure you provide your correct email address. If you do not receive email from the school within a few minutes, check your spam filters or contact the school administrator.

Follow the link in the email message to enroll in the school. This will take you to your customizable "personal page" and give you access to your first heroic mission (click on the "Available Assignments" link to see your mission).

Once you are enrolled, you can return to your Personal Page at any time by visiting the school and logging in to your student account.

There is never any charge, and you will not receive spam from the school or others. This is a free service that is Corey and Lori's way of being Heroic.

How do I do the first mission?

Start by taking the hero test (see Getting Started) and enrolling in the school. From your Personal Page, click "Available Assignments" to see your First Mission. Complete the mission, fill out the assignment form, and click Submit. That's it! Once your mission is accepted, you will be promoted to Rank 1 in your class.

The important thing to remember is, "Heroes do what needs to be done when it needs to be done." A Hero does not procrastinate. Get started on your first mission as soon as you get the assignment. Don't try to do it "perfectly"; just do it. There will be plenty of time to be more Heroic as you progress through your class ranks.

If you have any questions about the assignment, you can find a link to your instructor's email on the Class Page, easily accessible from your Personal Page. (The link is in the upper right corner in the sidebar.)

How do I do assignments?

Log in to your student account at the school. In the sidebar on the right side of your personal page are several links relating to your assignments. Click on the Available Assignments link to find assignments you can submit. You can also look at your Submitted Assignments that are waiting for grades and comments, and at Completed Assignments to remind yourself of the work you've already done.

The Assignments page is arranged with menus and the assignment index in the sidebar, and the actual assignment in the main window. Use the links to look at school-wide assignments and at ones you completed at a previous rank.

Once you complete an assignment, the main window will have a link (just under the assignment name and your score) to view other students' answers to the same assignment. We encourage you to read and comment on these assignments to increase you understanding of heroism.

Some of the assignments - notably the "school-wide" ones - can be completed multiple times for credit. Assignments you have completed less often will be at the top of the index.

Assignments are for your benefit. Don't rush through them and try to get to the "maximum level". You will learn the most by taking your time and doing the assignments to the best of your ability. The more you do, the more you will benefit from them.

I did an assignment, and it's just sitting there.

The School for Heroes has no paid staff. The instructors are all volunteers and typically grade assignments in each class weekly. So it may take a few days or a week to get to your assignment.

Please be patient. Every assignment is individually considered, graded, and commented-upon. It's a challenging and time-consuming process, and will not get any easier as the school expands.

If you do not receive a grade for your assignment in a week, email your instructor with your student name and remind him or her that you have an outstanding assignment. Very rarely, an assignment can be overlooked, and a gentle reminder can help.

What is the Student Center?

The Student Center, reached from the Forums menu on any page of the school, is our bulletin board and discussion forum. There are topic categories for each class, a general discussion area, a role-playing area, and the Administrative Office for providing feedback to the school and discussing technical issues.

You will need to create a separate login for the forums. We encourage you to use the same user name as you use at the school. Your password can be the same or different from your main school password. It will be easier for you to remember if you use the same one.

The Student Center is mostly unmoderated. Occasionally Corey, Lori, FA himself, or one of the instructors will check in, but mostly the Student Center is for the students. Try to behave yourself, and avoid foul language, trolling, and insulting other students. The Student Center is for Heroes, not Bozos.

Current topics in the Student Center include contests, role-playing, discussions of the school, and other topics.

Do I need a separate login for the Student Center?

Yes, you do. We recommend you use the same user name as at the school. You can use the same password or a different one. The Student Center uses the WordPress forum system and is independent of the rest of the site.

You do not need to create an account to comment on either of the blogs.

What is the Quest Log?

Corey and Lori's Quest Log is a weekly blog (most often updated Thursday or Friday) on varying topics ranging from life advice to game design, commentary on world events as they relate to heroism, and humor. Corey writes most of the articles. Lori edits and illustrates them. Occasionally Lori writes (and illustrates) one and Corey edits it.

You can get to the Quest Log from the Blogs menu at the school. There is also an automatically-generated "Quest Log Index" in the Blogs menu. The index allows you to navigate directly to any of the Quest Log articles. Click on a column header to sort the list by that column.

What is the Hero's Journal?

The Hero's Journal is another weekly blog written by the Famous Adventurer of Silmaria. In his own inimitable style, FA tells you the latest goings-on at the school, lets you know about new features, and occasionally regales readers with tales of his fantastic adventures in Glorianna.

The Hero's Journal is usually updated early in the week (Sunday or Monday).

I commented on a blog, but my comment isn't there

The first time you post a comment to either blog, the blog administrator is notified by email that there is a comment from a new user.

The moderator must then approve the post before it will appear. Once one of your posts has been approved, subsequent comments do not need to be moderated and will appear immediately.

Be nice though. Inappropriate comments aren't Heroic and will cause you to be banned.

What is Ars Heroica?

Ars Heroica, also found in the Blogs index, is the School for Heroes student newspaper. It contains articles contributed by students through the "Ars Heroica" school-wide assignment and generally an article or two by the Famous Adventurer or one of the instructors.

Ars Heroica articles are intended to spark discussions. You may comment on an article directly or talk about it in the Student Center. Ars Heroica articles are moderated and occasionally lightly edited before publication.

The name Ars Heroica probably means "The Heroic Arts" in Latin. Or something like that. It was the top choice in a Student Center poll for newsletter names.

How do I get my own "avatar" picture for the Student Center?

You can visit the site en.gravatar.com. "Gravatar" stands for "Globally Recognized Avatar" and an Avatar in this sense is just an image that you use to represent yourself.

Once you have a gravatar, it will magically follow you to all kinds of blogs, forums, and other places on the web. Basically, if you give a site your email address, many of them will use it to show your gravatar.

How can I get help if I have problems using the site?

Post something in the Administrative section of the Student Center. Of course, that won't help much if you're having trouble getting to the Student Center.

You may also send email to Mrs. Elvira Gulch, FA's personal assistant, at School Administrator mail.

How can I help the school?

First, participate! Take the test, do assignments, read and post messages in the Student Center, and comment on other students' assignments.

Second, tell your friends and other potential Heroes about the site. Get them to take the test and become part of the school.

Third, be a Hero in your daily life and tell us about it. We appreciate knowing that the school is making a difference in your life.

Fourth, as the school grows, we will need Teaching Assistants and other helpers. Start by becoming active in the school and doing assignments, then let us know if you would like to help others by becoming a TA. This is a position with a lot more responsibility than privilege, but that can be pretty Heroic. And you'll enjoy getting to read some of the wonderful assignment responses we receive each day.

If you want to make a monetary contribution, you can make a PayPal donation to coreycole (at) transolar (dot) com. (You know the drill - Turn that into a real email address.) Once we start getting donations, we'll set up a separate PayPal account for the school so that we can keep track of school-specific donations.