Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

Sep 25 2012

Women of QfG4: Erana’s Peace

It took three QfG games to tell Erana’s story. Now, it is time to tell the tale of a woman caught between two worlds who shared her loving soul everywhere she went on Gloriana and maybe, just maybe, was loved in return.

Magical Beginnings

[…] Continue Reading…

Sep 18 2012

Shady Ladies of Shadows of Darkness

Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness will always be my favorite game of the series. I wanted Shadows of Darkness to be full of tricks and treats just like Halloween. However, it was much more than that… […] Continue Reading…

Sep 13 2012

Confessions of a Game-oholic

My name is Corey Cole. I’m a game-oholic. I’ve been clean for two weeks now. You see, I have a dark secret. I’m a recovering game addict. […] Continue Reading…

Sep 11 2012

Women of Glory 3 – Warrior Women of Tarna

QfG3 is one of the most beautiful games in the series. You could easily feel like you were not so much playing a computer game as exploring the veldts and jungles of Africa. […] Continue Reading…

Sep 05 2012

Heroes, Rogues, and Thieves

One theme behind The School for Heroes is that anyone can be a hero. Warriors lead, Wizards teach, and Rogues work behind the scenes to do whatever needs to be done. It isn’t the background, the training, or the personality that matters – It’s the commitment to being a hero. […] Continue Reading…

Sep 03 2012

The Fiery Females of Quest for Glory 2

In Trial By Fire, nine male characters make major impacts upon the story in a positive way. Four other male characters go out of their way to give you trouble. Six female characters help you with the story and there are no villainesses in the game. If you do the math, clearly the women are on the whole more helpful than the men. […] Continue Reading…