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Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

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by Rona Gabbler

Welcome, Dear Reader! We have something completely different for you today. Far from the golden palaces, magical mansions, and lofty wizard towers of Silmarian society, this time The Daily Babbler takes you to another world!

Rona GabblerNestled in the rolling foot hills at the base of towering snow-crested mountaintops in the land of California, we visited the famous Flying Aardvark Ranch. Here we caught up with the renowned Corey S Cole, Earth chronicler of Gloriana – and especially Silmarian – adventures. It has been over ten years since the Coles related the tale of the Hero’s rise to the throne of Silmaria. Ten years, while their creative talents languished in relative obscurity. But now the talk of the town is about the upcoming launch of Corey and Lori’s mysterious new game project. Here, in this exclusive interview with your intrepid reporter, we reveal some of the secrets.

Rona Gabbler: Mr. Cole, It’s such a thrill for me to finally meet you after all these years. You look just like your photo on the back of the “Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire” box. Except that you’ve shaved off the beard. And lost all your flowing long hair. Oh, and weren’t you wearing glasses back then? At any rate, our readers are just dying to learn the truth to the rumors that you and Lori are creating a brand new game.

Corey Cole: Well, it isn’t exactly new. In fact, we started on it almost two years ago …

RG: You’ve been working on this game for Two years! That must be amazing! I’ll bet you have the most incredible 3D graphics and fight sequences ever! Flying mounts soaring around floating islands in the sky, barely avoiding the attacking roflcopters… Will the players need special 3D glasses to play?

CC: Actually, it isn’t that type of game at all. There’s excitement and adventure, but…

RG: I’ll bet there is! Exploring the dark underbelly of the Silmarian sewers, trying to find the sunken temple where the magical lyre of the Minoan monarchs lies guarded by monstrous Minotaurs and giant, poisonous, man-eating snakes! Ooh, you’re following the lyre’s notes and you have to duplicate those notes in order to open the locked doors…

CC: No snakes or musical notes. This isn’t “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Loom.” This is interactive storytelling. The player is a critical part of the story and will shape how it comes out.

RG: Oh, you mean the player will get to say something really clever like, “All your base is belong to me,” and you’ll set Silmaria in space! It’ll be every story ever told all rolled into one – You’ll get to create your own creatures at the cell level and adapt them to fit their environment, then they’ll have kids and start societies and go out to space and…

CC: You’re thinking of Spore. Will Wright already did that game. No, we’re focusing on one story so we can make it the best we can. And it’s in Silmaria.

RG: I knew it! Silmaria where the sun is always shining and exciting things happen every day! Silmaria, with its soft, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. Silmaria, where the pirates ravage… Oh, that’s it! You’re making a game about pirates!

CC: That was Secret of Monkey Island. Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer. Ok, Lori and I do like pirate adventures…

RG: Yarrr! Shiver me timbers, matey! Scupper me with a marlin spike….

CC: No! Not a pirate game this time! Maybe later. This game is…

RG: Oooh, I’ll be it’s in the palace! You’ll be a skilled swordsman and get to run through the hallways and jump up and down to avoid traps. If you get through it all, the Hero will declare you the new Prince of Silmaria!

Corey and LoriCC: That would be Prince of Persia, and we’re trying to do something very different here. You’ll make friends and solve puzzles; not so much of the swashbuckling. But you will…

RG: Ah! Political suspense! You will rise to meet every challenge. People will look up to you in awe. You’ll promise to save the country from a collapsing economy, and people will flock to your cause!

CC: Um, no, this isn’t about Barack Obama’s election.

RG: Barack who?

CC: Right. Where was I? Oh, going back to school.

RG: You don’t have to do that! You’re already a Hero!

CC: Not me, your character. You get to play one of the students at…

RG: Hogwarts Academy! Ooh, I love J.K. Rowling’s work. She’s just as talented at writing as you are at making games! I can see it now, “Harry Potter and the Sands of Silmaria”!

CC: Um, no, this is about the School for Heroes.

RG: The School for Heroes? I thought that closed down after that little incident with the Meeps and the Thieves’ Guild. They just about ran the Famous Adventurer out of town on a rail.

CC: Oh, well, he got better. The school is open again and better than ever. Well, except maybe for the Rogues. But you get to play a young Wizard…

RG: See? See?! I told you it was going to be Harry Potter! I knew it! When Harry dropped out of Hogswarts, he…

CC: It’s nothing like Harry Potter! All right, so it is about a Wizard at a school with a mysterious past. But other than that…

RG: Mysterious past? Kind of like Katrina and the Dark Master and biting people? Scary! I can see it – You play a Vampire’s child, trying not to reveal that you are bloodthirsty monster. Fortunately, the only thing that gives you away is the pointy canine teeth, your overpowering reaction to the sight of blood, and the fact that you sparkle in the sunlight…

CC: No! It’s NOT about Vampires. But you do have a secret …

RG: A Secret! What is it? We love secrets! Our readers are dying to know what it is that we need to not reveal to anyone else, cross our hearts and hope to cry. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone about this. We’re all very good at keeping them. Why, I write about secrets all the time!”


RG: Unfortunately, our interview came to an end as Corey apparently had some sort of an asthma attack and had to be restrained, poor dear. But we can now confirm that the rumors are true. The Coles are creating a very exciting new game set here in our own sunny Silmaria. We look forward to hearing more about this great event.

There you have it. Another brilliant interview with your Gnome for news. Toodles!
– Rona Gabbler

Rona Gabbler

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  1. Kor e alle Sierra-helter hen? - Flagg Lima Says:

    […] om “Famous Adventurer’s School For Heroes”, som jo var nevnt i QFG-spillene. Prosjektet kan best beskriver som interaktiv litterær fiksjon, det skal bli spennende å se hva det blir. […]

  2. Corey Says:

    No, we aren’t working in Flash. We’re using a custom interface, I think using ASP (Active Server Page) technology. Our friend and frequent co-worker Bob Heitman put together some interfaces for us to create and test content. The reason it’s Web-based is so that we can update the database any time we find a problem and so that we can control subscriptions without having to use copy protection.

    Now Lori and I just have to find the time to actually do that. See my counter-productivity blog for details on that challenging process.

  3. Qasim Says:

    The QFG series were my favorite games growing up.. so it’s pretty interesting to hear about this now. I hope this comes out soon… it’s an online game so I guess it’s going to be Flash-based?

  4. Zelon Engelherz Says:

    Sound’s interessting:).

    Hmm, what? I have more to say, you little gnome?


    I hope you have plans for a game with a warrior or a paladin too^^.

    But before the time is coming for this games, I’m waiting for the first episode. And I hope it is not so much Harry Potter, like Rona has said:D.

  5. Corey Says:

    Well, along the lines of providing as little information as possible while still being entertaining…

    Actually that’s one we can answer. We’re self-publishing and plan to make this a Web-based game. To play, you will create an account, purchase one or more episodes or full games, and log on to our site. That lets us keep each player’s game state on the server as in an MMORPG.

    The first episode will be free. You can then buy additional episodes, or subscribe to an entire game for a discounted price. We plan to release multiple games using the same engine. In the first game, you’ll play a first-year Wizard at the School for Heroes. Any resemblance to Harry Potter is coincidental; we were in that space eight years earlier with Hero’s Quest 1. :-)

  6. Joseph Howse Says:

    You landed an interview with Rona Gabbler?!? Do you KNOW how many gnomes will pre-order this game now?

    Anyway, it’s exciting for all species to see an update on the game’s development. Who is the publisher now? Malinche, or another company, or yourselves?

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