Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

New Year’s Heroes

Happy New Year from All of Us

New Year’s Eve, a time notorious for two things – wild drunken parties and futile resolutions that are soon broken.

Most people make a New Year’s Resolution to fix mistakes made in the old year. So should we start off the New Year by thinking of all our flaws and the things we need to do better? That’s about as useful and enjoyable as a New Year’s Day hangover – or a drunken Meep.

Instead of concentrating upon how many pounds of fat we need to lose or promising ourselves that we will catch the Gremlins before they get into the computer system again, let’s try something different. Don’t dwell on past mistakes and try to fix them with depressing New Year’s Resolutions. This time. let’s focus on a better future with – ta-da! – New Year Commitments.

Happy New Year from All of Us

Um, So What’s the Difference?

Resolutions focus on what we Need to do – Commitments focus on what we Want to do. Here is a list of our New Year’s Commitments:

  • Every Day an Adventure
  • Life is a Journey
  • Git’er Done
  • Time Enough for Love
  • It Had to be You

Every Day an Adventure

What are you doing today that you have never done before? What have you learned that you never knew? What are you doing differently?
This is a commitment Lori made a long time ago, but it’s always good to re-assert older promises and keep them on track. This one is all about treating each day as an opportunity for exploration and growth.

Life is A Journey – So Where are We Going?

You can’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you are going. We need to set goals for ourselves. We need to make our own roadmap to the future. If we don’t, the future will be here before we know it and we’ll be run over by it.

Git’er Done

As semi-professional Procrastinators, this one is a hard one for us. We’re experts of thinking of all the things we need to do, getting overwhelmed by them, and then going on to do something else. However, to take a tip from David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” book – if it takes less than two minutes to do – Just Do It! Okay, so Corey says nothing gets done in two minutes, so we’ll stretch it to ten. The point is that putting things off is actually harder than getting things done. The weight of every task put off is the equivalent of carrying around a sack of five Meeps – five struggling Meeps.

Time Enough for Love

In Heinlein’s book, “Time Enough for Love”, Lazurus Long recounts his life and loves of 2300 years. We don’t all have 2300 years (and neither did Heinlein) so we have to remember every day to think about the people you love. Hug your mate… or your parents. Let them know you care. Do some small thing they’ll appreciate. Got a dog? How about taking it for a romp in the yard. Got a cat? How about taking time to give it a skritch under the chin or a string dragged across a floor? Stuck at work? Help someone else with their job. Invite a co-worker to join you for lunch. After all, Love is a tower built from the sum of all the happiness you have with others. Go ahead and build it higher – Just make sure you invite your loved ones to share it with you.

It Had to Be You

You are the one stuck with living your own life. Don’t let it all slip past you as you drift along through your day to day routines. Take time every day to do the things you love to do. Take the time to do the things you want to do. Take the time to do the things you know you need to do. Nobody else is going to do them for you.

Happy New Year from All of Us

Commitments for a Better New Year

None of these Commitments are life-altering or even mind-altering. These are the sort of things we can all do automatically as part of our habits of Heroism. We need the bricks and mortar of new ideas, vision, dedication, love, and joy to build a better future. So from all of us here at the School for Heroes – Happy New Year!”


Dawn of Peace

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  1. Corey and Lori’s Quest Log » Blog Archive » 2011: The Year in Preview Says:

    […] a previous article, we talked about “New Year’s Commitments” instead of Resolutions. This time, […]

  2. Marquillin Says:

    Thanks for the advice Corey, though I know about how practical the whole “slow and steady” method is, I seem to only know it intellectually. In practice, I usually have periods of artistic fervor, where I devote much time and passion to one thing as if it were the key to existence- a passion equaled only by the burn out period afterward. It’s a tricky dance for me to stay engaged with many things at once over a long period of time, but that’s why I’m a Libra after all.

    And yeah, I’m pretty concerned about proper grammar for myself; yet even with multiple edits, I can still miss what’s staring me in the face! It’s all about practice and beta readers.


  3. Corey Says:

    Oh, and if you’re writing a book, it’s “your Meeps”, not “you’re Meeps”… unless you’re saying that we’re Meeps. I’m fairly certain we aren’t. :-)

  4. Corey Says:

    I like Lori’s art too. :-) Maybe we can collect all these articles and/or the art into a paper book eventually. Currently the site has no revenue source (except the dollar or two we get now and then from Amazon and Cafe Press).

    For your book, the key is to break it down to small pieces. The thought of “a first draft” of the entire book can be overwhelming. Instead, promise yourself you’ll write 1-2 pages every day. That’s what many very successful authors do. That should only take you 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you have the rest of the day for research and every else you like to do.

    Just don’t try to do it all at once. Step by step, the march is done.

  5. Calvert Says:

    My wife and I have tried the “if it takes less than ten minutes to do, just do it” and it has had surprising results. More things are getting done our house is cleaner and we are not as stressed by things we keep putting off. Hopefully we can stick to this.

  6. Marquillin Says:

    Happy new year, you Magniferious Meeple!

    I’ve rarely made new years resolutions or commitments in the past. Lately however, there’s been a series of bi-weekly (give or take) cycles where I commit to some of my projects, climb on the horse, make some enjoyable progress, then fall back off into the vices of more casual and chronic entertainment. At this point it’s a bit like getting out of bed in the morning, when I’ve no appointments with anyone except myself; I have a hazy memory of how good it felt to work toward my passions, but that includes refacing some harsh realities which are always painful at first. This makes it preferable to stay snuggled up warm with my phantom realities which seem so immediately real and important.

    But I think you’ve got the right idea, though I believe the definition of committed and resolute aren’t that dissimilar, the way you word it makes it much more appealing. It’s like the difference between changing your basic nature of being broken, and realizing that you never were broken, you’ve just been pretending, (just to be totally certain that it doesn’t work)

    Awww, just one more trial…Please?
    No, I’m going to earn you your sloth, and we’re going to like it!

    Likely I won’t be perfect right away, but I continue to narrow the gap, raising my averages. And my new years resulmitment will be the same as my weekly/daily/hourly: To do my best realizing my list of 12 things I want (see my assignments page) and be congratulatory about whatever my best turns out to be.
    And maybe to have a first draft book by the end of the year. Eeep!

    PS, you’re Meeps are very adorable Lori, you’re art adds so much to this site.

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