Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

School is in Session!

The School for Heroes has been open a little less than two weeks. With no publicity other than the site and word of mouth, over 150 people have taken the Hero Test and most of you have returned to the school to register. That’s a pretty good start!

I am a HeroOnce you “enroll” in the School, you can get to your personal page, a “lore” page that describes your character class, and the teacher’s page for each class. Within the next week, we’re adding a Roster Page so you can learn about your fellow students and an Assignments page that you can use to learn about and grow as a Hero. The personal page will also become richer – So far you can enter a “personal statement”; much more will be customizable in the not-so-distant future. You can also copy a piece of HTML code from your personal page to let your friends know what kind of Hero you are.

While you’re waiting for the Assignments page to appear, feel free to undertake the Mission on your class lore page and tell your instructor about your results. Their email accounts are simply the instructor’s first name (at) You can also use the class name if you prefer. Accomplishing the Mission – which is different for each class – and reporting on it are your first steps towards advancement within the School… and in your Heroic quest.

Testing the Waters

You can think of The School for Heroes as a sort of iceberg… um, in a good way, of course! At first, all you can see of it are the blog entries and the Hero Test. Once you dive into the water by taking the test and enrolling in the school, you can see more of what’s available. Over the ensuing months, much more of the School will surface as we implement and reveal features. By continuing to follow your personal Heroic path, you will also discover new content accessible only to advanced students.

Height of Glory

We’d like to talk a little about the test. As your first introduction to the School, it’s pretty important. We created the hero test for several reasons. One is that people on the Web love online quizzes. We hope we’ve managed to make our test an entertaining experience. Another reason is that your test responses help us to understand your approach to Heroism. Each class has a different learning approach that should appeal to students who score high in a particular test category. Finally, the test and signup process act as a gateway. To join The School for Heroes, you need to make a conscious decision to take the test and follow through on it. We want to focus our energy on working with people who want to work with us.

Incidentally, if you don’t like your test result, you may retake the test as often as you like until you enroll in the school. Enrollment occurs when you follow the link in the email message we send you about your test results and then sign in with your user account for the first time. Feel free to “game” the test if you really want to “play” and study as a particular class. However, answering the test questions honestly gives you the best chance at finding a school experience that fits your style.

As Classy as We Can Make It

Once you complete the test and follow the enrollment instructions, you will have full access to your personal page and other school pages. Only you can customize your page. Also, you may notice on the Lore pages that you will only see the Mission for your own class. That’s to keep you focused and maybe add a little mystery to the other classes. Once we bring the Forums online, you’ll have full access to your own class forum and the public areas of the other class forums.

The Forums will be the heart of The School for Heroes. We are creating a Tribe here, and a Tribe is only as rich as the connections between its members. You will help make the School strong. Our goal is to set up an environment where Heroes-in-training can learn and share their experiences. We will also be inviting many of you to take a more active role in the school as Teaching Assistants, Forum moderators, and in many other roles. After all, our goal is to make the School so active that we won’t be able to handle all the communication by ourselves.

We will be walking a fine line between giving students in each class an exciting, dynamic, and unique learning experience and ensuring that students in all the classes can interact. We don’t want to create barriers between classes that you can’t find a way to cross. To make this work, we’ll need help from all of you in the form of suggestions, feature requests, and open communication in all of the school forums.

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  1. Marquillin Says:

    Heh hay, I’m now a Wizard Initiate! I’m nowhere near wizened yet, but there is much yet to learn in the time before I become a wizened Wizard. Yea to me, and to my fellow initiates; twill be a pleasure to get to know you in the coming semester!

    Now I wonder how the other class rosters are doing. Apparently more people finished the test as a wizard (cause we like tests it seems), but perhaps we’re more critical of getting our answers “correct” then rouges or paladins might be.

    If you’re still struggling with you’re “______ something” assignment, just sit back and give it some serious thought; it may be you’ve already ______ed something significant as part of your natural day to day way of living.

    Fair dinkum!

  2. IdahoPitbull Says:

    I have just submitted the report on my (Wizard) mission, and I am very pleased with what I’ve accomplished thus far. I’m looking forward to seeing what else the Coles and The Famous Adventurer have prepared for us.

  3. Lori Says:

    At the moment, unlike Quest for Glory, we don’t let people be multi-classed at the low levels. We want to encourage people to move quickly through the ranks, and it takes more work if you try to divide your attention to more than one class.

    On the other hand, there are those who will remain nameless who enrolled in the school under several different aliases. When the forum role-playing is implemented, it sometimes comes in handy to be in two places at the same time.

    Calvert: Ack… thanks for pointing out this security breach. We’ve patched that hole for now.

  4. Matthias Says:

    I’m extremely excited to see how everything turns out! As of now, I am trying to figure out what I will be doing for my mission, and hopefully I can think of something soon. I’m glad that there are that many people participating in the School right now and that the Quest for Glory community now has something new to focus on! Again, I want to give you my thanks for the School. :)

    – Matthias

  5. Calvert Says:

    So what if we have already enrolled and wish to change classes? or “multi-class”? (not my case but I’m curious, I am a Wizard after all).

    Also I do only see the Wizard’s mission but I can see another more secretive class’s mission when I go through the main hall entrance.

    I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of this iceberg.

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