Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

All Hallows Heroes

Trick or Meep?It’s Halloween – A night of ghosts and shadows, of goblins, witches, and demons, of things that go bump in the night. The wind howls through the trees as the nights begin to turn cold, and the trees shed their Autumn leaves. Little children brave the darkness and scary monsters to go door to door in masks and costumes. In trembling voices, they call out, “Trick or Treat!” and hope they won’t be tricked.

One of our favorite stories comes from a Halloween special episode of The Real Ghostbusters cartoon show. The main villain of the show is a rich old man who has always hated Halloween and comes up with a scheme to end it forever. To do this, he needs a piece of the Ghostbusters’ equipment to power his device. They refuse to give it to him because they believe in Halloween. As the villain ponders this setback, he thinks, “I need that part. I could steal it, but stealing is wrong. But I need it… Oh well, so much for that moral dilemma!” Seconds later, the part is in his hand.

A Time for Heroes

Is it a coincidence that we opened The School for Heroes at midnight on Halloween, October 31? Perhaps it was. It is also probably a coincidence that the United States is holding a critical Presidential election just a few days after Halloween. Or are they both a sign of the times we live in?

Why is this such an important time? The last ten years have shown us some results of non-heroic, “somebody else’s business” attitudes. Within a single decade, we’ve seen the Enron scandal, a stock market collapse, and a real estate market collapse. We’ve seen terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and torture and other atrocities in the name of “national security.” The common thread between these events is that people acted out of irrational fear and short-term greed. They ignored the terrible consequences of their actions. They lost sight of the Greater Good. These people are villains. “Oh well, so much for those moral dilemmas!”

Heroes are very important in dark times and when ghosts and ghouls threaten to rule the land. Someone needs to stand in front of the gates of Hell, silver cross and holy water in hand, to face whatever might come forth. We have a lot of real monsters in our world – war, famine, poverty, pollution and the people who profit from them. We need to stand up and confront the monsters and their minions. We need to be Heroes.

The Call to Action

It is never easy to be a Hero, but the world needs us. It needs us now. Will you step up to that challenge? One way is to take the What Kind of Hero Are You? test and join our hero’s quest. No matter what path you choose, it is time to make a difference. Vote in your next election. Speak out against tyranny, terror, and war. Help clean up your neighborhood. Stand up against the darkness and the scary monsters. Hey, if little children can do it, so can we!

Trick or Meep?

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  1. Lori Says:

    The comment field on the “About” page sends messages to our email. It wasn’t until Marquillin posted that I thought that a comment field on that page would be useful. I don’t know if I can figure out how to get WordPress to enable comments on that page now. I’ll have to look into it.

    Six months ago, I never even heard of WordPress. My, how time flies when you love learning new things.

    Once the Rosters get posted, you will be able to click on a student’s name and see the public information on the personal page. The Catch is that to get on the Roster, you need to turn in your “Mission” assignment. Since you can’t actually post the results right now since there are neither assignment pages nor forums, it’s sort of hard to be credited for your mission.

    Right now, we would like people to send their Mission reports to the instructors. The teachers will then officially enroll the student in their class. Once people are enrolled, we will display the Rosters for each class.

    We’re working hard to create an unique and entertaining experience here at the school. The best learning takes place when you are having fun.

  2. Dolgur Says:

    To Marquillin,

    Yes you may. You honor me by thinking that I’m a Bard in Paladin’s clothing. However, Bard was my lowest score on the test. I typically prefer not to be the center of attention as a Bard most certainly would want. I’m also not all that great with putting words together. The mantra, as you called it, was something that only came to me through inspiration from others and some help from my wife in polishing it up. This kind, or any other kind, of inspiration doesn’t happen all that often for me. If you do make something out of it, I would be most pleased to hear what you made.


  3. Marquillin Says:

    I find it interesting, the effect of adding applicability to the fantasy or mythic monsters. The single minded ogres, tricksy demon and miserly loner kobold storys we all love (you know which ones) make their counterparts more relatable in contempory life (least we forget some ogres have admirable features). Our culture might be better off treating All Hallows Eve and the feast of Samhain as serious acknowledgment of dark forces in our midst (as per your article). What we get instead from the establishment is an approach of making scary things silly and and a fun sugar high for the kids, who are taught to look at the supernatural, and having to face your fears, as a thing of past, uncivilized times. We’re still taught to be afraid however, but leave it to Politicians and Military to identify and destroy or convert these hidden evils.
    And I haven’t even started on what the vampires and witches in hiding feel about being laughed at.
    But sometimes it’s better then that. Sometimes dressing up points us toward where to look to find and stand up to evil

    It is an honor to stand amongst your ranks, you who will be teachers and learners (for it goes both ways, I think, when done correctly). I have once again been cast as a wanna-be-know-it-all Wizard, this time I accept it and won’t shirk off the vague, “assign it yourself” assignment; this is how school should be anyway: to draw out of the pupil rather then cram in what they need to know.

    Dolgur> Very nice mantra you created there, I bet you have some significant Bard stats as well as Paladin. Do you mind if I use some of those lines if/when I make a kind of inspirational audio thing to get me up in the morning?

    Trixy> Congratulations on the big merger! Is you’re husband interested in heroics schooling as well? My (mainly academic) understanding is that the more stuff done as a partners, the easier the enthusiasm and payoff can be maintained for both the relationship and the activity. But Calvert or our hosts here likely know more about partnership then I.

    I like what I’ve seen of this site so far, and hope the forum will soon agree to have us. But I have a few questions: The Personal Statement seemed to eat my entry when I logged on November 1st, though it sounds like you fixed that? Likewise, I wrote in a message on the “about us” section around September’s end, but nothing was posted, thus I assumed it was simply an e-mail, (If it wasn’t, at least I backed up it up). And you mentioned viewing other peoples profiles was available? Can’t seem to find that either.
    Anyway, the aesthetic and the blogs are very engaging.

  4. Lori Says:


    Congratulations both on proving yourself as a paladin, and all the excitement you have in real life! Where would the school be without the Texas Paladin?

    I’ll pass along your message to Lady Moira. She’ll be thrilled to learn you are about to get married. From everyone here at the school, Good luck, and have fun!

  5. Lori Says:


    The School for Heroes Game has a long way to go before it will be ready for release. (Primarily since we haven’t worked on it since we focused upon getting this website up and running…)

    The major impetus behind creating the game was so that we could have an income (which, unfortunately, is a very necessary thing).

    The major impetus behind this website was to promote the cause of Heroism and to have fun with it. We may not get rich from it, but we will get a change to encourage people to be heroes. That makes us feel like heroes, too.

  6. Lori Says:


    Ack! Um… the link worked when I tested it from my computer. Took me an “ahah!” moment to think to check the uploaded version.

    Memo to Self – always test the links After they are online.

    Thanks for catching this.

  7. JohnWWells Says:

    Sorry to bother, but there’s a slight bug in the link on the main Transolar page. It links to, rather than to this page.

    – Wells

  8. Calvert Says:

    I appreciate all the work you guys (I’m not sure if there are more than you and Lori bringing this site up) are doing. It can’t be an easy task and I imagine it takes a lot of your time. When after bit by bit it is all up and running I hope you can look back and see that all the time and creativity you put in has paid off!

    I am a Wizard and my wife is a CPA and then a Warrior (must not be much difference between those career choices)

    Any update on the game School for Heroes?

  9. Corey Says:

    Thank you for your patience. The School for Heroes is a constantly growing and evolving site. We have just the basics up so far. We will soon be adding more customization of your profile (tag line, favorite web sites, choice of icon, etc.), the roster and assignments pages, and then the forums.

    I just worked a 16-hour day on the election (as an Inspector – basically team leader of the precinct’s poll workers). I will be out of town for the next few days, so it will take a while to add everything we want the school to have. Blog on that subject coming soon. :-)

  10. DarkTouch Says:

    I have taken the test. As when I played Quest for Glory, I came out as Wizard verging on Paladin. Multiclassing is never an easy thing to do at least not properly.

    Looking forward to the ability to modify my profile a little more and hopefully some sort of badge in which I can declare my enrollment.

    Best with the site.

  11. Tixy Says:

    It is good to be back home! I shall be back in the Paladin wing (as if there was a surprise in that :-)) ready to rock!

    Lori, would you be so kind as to inform Lady Moira that I may be a few days late in getting to classes . . .but I have a very, very good reason! :-)

    Classes start as I am getting back from my honeymoon :-). I am getting married in just under 2 weeks and I will be gone for a week with my new husband. Never fear though, I will be back as soon as I am able too.


  12. Dolgur Says:

    I have taken the test,
    and joined the quest.
    I have cast my vote,
    but not by rote.

    I live in an area that allows for early voting and have done so already to make my stand for what I believe is right in these dark times. Though now I am impatient for it to be the 5th already so as to see what is to be seen.

    The test said that I’m a Paladin which is not a surprise since I have always tried to do what feels right. I’m not saying that I have always been successful in doing what is right, just that I have tried. I have, since finding this site, been debating with myself about sharing something I wrote that was partially inspired by the nature of Paladins in the Quest for Glory series and partially inspired by Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar ( By Richard Garriott and the rest of the Origin crew ). Anyway, when I read this post it finally felt right to share this next bit.

    Sorrow is the Path of the Hero,
    For he is born into dark times.

    Loneliness is the Path of the Hero,
    For he has no peer to understand him.

    Solace is the Path of the Hero,
    For he takes comfort in his good deeds.

    Truth is the Path of the Hero,
    For he cuts away Deceit with it.

    Honor is the Path of the Hero,
    For it armors him against Slander.

    Love is the Path of the Hero,
    For it heals the wounds of suffering.

    Humility is the Path of the Hero,
    For it knows the Truth of self and how to Love.

    Honesty is the Path of the Hero,
    For it knows how to be Humble and Just which are needed to know Truth.

    Justice is the Path of the Hero,
    For it knows Truth and is Honorable.

    Valor is the Path of the Hero,
    For it takes Courage to be Just and to make Sacrifices which are Honorable.

    Sacrifice is the Path of the Hero,
    For it is an Honorable and Loving action.

    Compassion is the Path of the Hero,
    For it knows how to make Sacrifices and is Humble which are needed to know Love.

    All of this is the Path of the Hero,
    For he will bring the Light unto us all.

    Remember, everything is interconnected. Even when we can’t see how. Things happen when they should. Anyone of us who come to this site can be a hero. Who knows, it just might take inspiration from the experience of this school for any of us to finally achieve our heroic potential. With that I wish us all, students(myself included) and teachers, good luck on this quest.


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