Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

Women of Glory 4: Dark Mistress

In which we follow our heroine Katrina’s rise to power, her journey to Mordavia, and learn how she falls in love for the very first time.

It’s not easy being a Dark Master.

KatrinaIt requires a delicate balance. If you piss off the neighboring rulers, they declare war on you. Terrorize the locals too much? They call for a Hero to take you out. Not oppressive or scary enough? The peasants revolt and slaughter your monsters. Don’t get too soft, or they start calling you “Nice Master” and expect you to be the Godparent to their kids. Like I said, it’s delicate.

The old Dark Master was nasty, but he had strong self-preservation instincts and good PR. He was rumored to be a mysterious Wizard of the “subtle and quick to anger” variety. Although he was a Vampire, The Dark Master never lunched on the locals. He fed only upon travelling merchant caravans. He called them his “Meals on Wheels.”

Despite all that care, Katrina managed to lure a Hero into slaying her Master. With the Dark Master gone, Katrina simply took over his place, title, and reputation.

Silly Wizard

Ad AvisThen one day, a brash young Wizard who called himself Ad Avis came to call upon the Dark Master. Katrina met him, but Ad Avis insisted that he was a great Wizard and had no interest in dealing with maidservants or mistresses.

Needless to say, Katrina was not impressed with Ad Avis. For a “great Wizard,” his powers of observation were lacking, and his manners were worse. So after teaching Ad Avis a valuable lesson that gurrls can be Wizards, too (by trashing him in a magical battle), Katrina bound Ad Avis to her will with her Vampiric Charm. Ad Avis would either be useful to her as a servant, or he would pay for his arrogance the next time Katrina needed a meal.

As it turned out, Ad Avis actually had some useful knowledge about summoning demons. Katrina had read about a Dark One called Avoozl, who had the power to shroud the lands with eternal night. If Katrina could summon and control Avoozl, then she would never fear daylight again.

Even as a servant, Ad Avis was arrogant and annoying. He despised women in general and Katrina in particular. He treated Katrina’s servants like they were, well, monsters. Although he was always subserviently polite to Katrina when she was around him, she knew that Ad Avis would love to drive a stake through her heart.

Unfortunately for Ad Avis, destroying Katrina would also destroy the vampiric bonds he shared with her. As a Vampire’s personal servant, he did not age and he had the same ability to charm mortals as a Vampire had. So while Ad Avis hated Katrina, he loved power too much to give in to his resentment and fury towards her.

Eventually, Katrina soon grew tired of Ad Avis’s snide superiority and sarcasm and sent him back to his homeland of Raseir. Good riddance!

Moving to Mordavia

Continuing her research, Katrina learned of the land of Mordavia. The Dark One’s cult had come very close to unleashing Avoozl upon the world. So she brought her monstrous servants to Mordavia and took over the abandoned Borgov Castle.

From the Borgov library, Katrina read about the Cult of Avoozl and the role that Erana had played in banishing the Dark One from the land.

Mordavia was a haunted land, marked by death and dark rituals. The villagers were mostly frightened fools huddled in their walled town. Some sort of spell emanating from Erana’s staff protected the town. To her annoyance, Katrina couldn’t even enter it. She had to use her crystal ball to spy on the town.
Katrina in Mordavia


Innocence Lost

One day, she saw a lonely child named Tanya playing in the garden that grew around Erana’s staff. The child was singing a lullaby to a faded ragdoll. Katrina watched as Tanya cradled the ragdoll and said plaintively, “I wish we had a friend.” Something about the child’s innocence touched Katrina’s heart.

She sent one of her servants to a distant city to bring back a fine china doll. Then she ordered Toby, her most trusted monster, to hide the doll in the garden for Tanya to find.

TobyToby was monstrous, but he was not evil, so Erana’s spell did not affect him. He easily climbed the town wall and hid the doll. While Katrina slept in her coffin, Toby waited in the gate tower to see what would happen.

When Tanya found the doll, she was delighted. She had never seen anything as beautiful as this doll before. Tanya danced merrily with the doll, and even Toby smiled to see Tanya so happy. For days and nights, Toby and Katrina watched Tanya’s joyful fun with the doll.

Then Tanya’s mother saw Tanya playing with this strange doll. Bella took the doll away from Tanya. Bella was afraid that the doll was magical and dangerous since it had clearly enchanted Tanya. Even though Tanya begged for the doll, her mother kept it hidden.

Bella made Tanya stay in the inn so that Tanya would be safe. Tanya cried to herself as she looked out the open window at the garden where she loved to play.

Toby felt sorry for Tanya and tried to comfort her. He climbed up to the roof and sang her a growling lullaby through the window. When Tanya saw Toby, she wasn’t afraid of the big, hairy monster who smiled back at her. She somehow knew that he was the one who had given her the doll. She knew that he was the friend she had wished for at Erana’s Staff.

Leave No Child Behind

TanyaWhen Katrina found out that Tanya’s mother had taken the doll, she was angry. Katrina was even angrier at the idea that Tanya could no longer go outside to play in the sunshine. Tanya’s cruel mother did not deserve such a lovely daughter. If Katrina had a daughter like Tanya, she would give her child all the toys and gifts in the world just to make her smile.

Then Katrina got an idea. Tanya was a lonely prisoner, locked away from the daylight just as Katrina was. Katrina could make Tanya happy again. Tanya would become Katrina’s darling daughter and never have to be afraid again.

So Katrina had Toby “rescue” Tanya from the inn. Katrina had a way to make sure that Tanya would never have to fear the dark or bad things again. Katrina made Tanya her very own Vampire daughter. Together they could be happy forever, afraid of nothing but sunlight.

Katrina had an answer to that too. All she needed was to summon and control Avoozl. Once eternal darkness came to Mordavia, Katrina and Tanya could go anywhere any time of the day or night.

Of course, there was a slight complication in the form of Ad Avis, who was only mostly gone. Katrina had sent him to Raseir and thought she had seen the last of him. That suited Ad Avis as well.

Living on the Raseir’s Edge

For a while, everything in Raseir went as planned. Ad Avis had taken over the city. He brought law and order to the land and put women in their place – harems. He had all the information he needed to bind the Djinn Iblis to his command.

All Ad Avis needed now was someone gullible enough to enter the Forbidden City and retrieve the statue of Iblis. Sure enough, a hero arrived right on schedule. He made it through the Forbidden City as the prophecy had foretold. Ad Avis took the statue and left the hero trapped in the ruined city.

But Ad Avis underestimated his victim. Not only did the hero escape, but he interrupted the summoning ritual for Iblis. Ad Avis was furious. All those years of being Katrina’s slave, all those years of research, all his plans for world domination destroyed by one stupid hero.

Oh, and it got worse when the hero defeated Ad Avis and sent him falling to his doom from the tower of Raseir. It’s a sad day when you can’t even trust a hero to stay in the ancient ruins and die.

Mordavian Plights

With his dying breath, Ad Avis called out to Katrina through the magical bonds of Vampire and servant. She had no choice but to summon him to her side and return him from his death as a fully-fledged Vampire. Oh well, maybe he could help out with the ritual of summoning Avoozl.

Except that he couldn’t. The final secrets of the ritual were hidden in the old monastery in town. As Vampires, they couldn’t get past Erana’s spell to reach the monastery. They were also barred from the Dark One’s Cave. They needed some gullible fool who would do those things for them..

Ad Avis knew exactly who to use…

(To Be Continued)

See No Evil Done

Illustration by Pam Thien

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  1. The RPG Scrollbars: A Quest For Heroes | Rock, Paper, Shotgun Says:

    […] Corey: Yeah, Katrina does have a tragic story. […]

  2. Ambaryerno Says:

    Katrina was always probably my favorite character in the series. She’s just such a tragic, heartbreaking character. I’d never seen this expanded backstory before, and it just drives the point home even further. It’s a shame none of this background came up in the games themselves.

  3. Brandon Says:

    More about Erana!

  4. Christopher Says:

    @Jeremy, Yes this is the Demon that fought Rakeesh, but I guess for whatever whatever reason, probably because the pacing is so quick, that I never really understood the demons in Tarna, as much as I did the Dragon in 5 or Avoozl in 4. Those entire games you live in the shadow of their rising. The demon plot although hinted at in part 2 wasn’t as compelling, and the final was almost a reskin of the Ad Avis fight in 2, down to living gargoyle.

    I know I keep coming off harsh of three, and that’s not really point, I love the setting, the characters, the villages, the mini games. But each time I play it I Just wish it had the same pacing as the other four games.

    AND your right. I’d rather hang out with Demons that Manu ha ha ha. AND I am also very excited to finally understand the missing link of Katrina.

  5. Jeremy Murdoch Says:

    I also thought that the Fighter lacked a bit, but just figured that Paladin was supposed to be Fighter anyways. I would have preferred more Fighter than Paladin, but that’s just me. I don’t really like Paladins and Clerics as much.

    But that Flaming Sword…

    As for the Demon, isn’t this the guy that injured Rakeesh? That’s what I always thought, and with that he fit in easily. I think that with the mysterious and dangerous nature of the jungle (as displayed by the survivor and others), along with the general quick pacing of the ending sequence (anything after hanging out at Manu’s treehouse), I never really felt he was all that random.

    I would have liked more backstory on that character, though.

    The first “Women of Glory” articles were great, and thought provoking. These latest articles are both of those things, but also give a lot more history of the characters in this beautiful world.

    I look forward to the next story.

  6. Christopher Says:

    @Ashton, Yeah I don’t want to harp on it, Because I’ve waited for years to hear about Katrina’s story as she was one of the most influential Female VG characters ever and that’s what this thread is about BUT I’m going rant anyway. LOL

    BUT the unbalance of how little the fighter offered through the rest of the series was strange, And I never found the Choices you had to make as a Paladin (Unless you wanted to be a thief Fighter hybrid) that restrictive that it would chase you away. The whole EOF idea I guess got scrapped. QFG3 the flaming sword was SOOO dominant that you could hit the bottom 20 times and go make a sandwich while you waited for the dinosaur to die. In QFG 4 The paladin gets to exp this Beautiful Drown woman sub-plot, a flaming sword, a new shield. The fighter gets an old Axe. Yay. And I’m not even going to go into how ridiculously easy Hades, or The Tritons, or Awing the Hell out of anything. And its not you can’t kill stuff as the paladin if you want or marry Elsa as the Paladidn I just did it. Somewhere the fighter class is crying over how slighted it was….LOL….Katrina is awesome thank you

  7. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    @Christopher: Yeah, the Fighter who never became Paladin was easily the least interesting of the classes after QFG2 (though the Thief was definitely lacking in QFG3). QFG3 had plenty of awesome moments, but you’re so right about the Demon boss who lacked all intrigue.

    @Joseph Austin: The voice cast in QFGIV was so incredible that I can’t imagine replacing anyone. I always wondered why Ad Avis did not sound middle-eastern, but his voice was sniveling and sinister enough that I couldn’t help but love it.

  8. Joseph Austin Says:

    I also liked his voice actor, even though… he maaaaybe ought to have had an accent?

  9. Christopher Says:

    I guess nobody likes “THE RANDOM DEMON” the best…ha ha…. QFG3 for the loss. just kidding There are so many Wonderful moment in QFG3 but the Villain much like the rest of the game feels WAY TOO rushed. Not to mention that it starts a trend of completely devaluing the fighter class, but that’s a whole other rant.

    Ad Avis is definitely THE bad guy…Minos’s plot is a bit rushed also. And I don’t consider Baba Yaga a true Villain because every other Villain is trying to summon something worse. Iblis, Demon Master, Avoozl, Red Dragon. Baba Yaga isn’t trying summon much more than dessert. Besides, we know from dialogue that she hangs out with Erasmus from time to time. How bad could should be. LOL

  10. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    @Joseph: Minos, I think is the one you’re talking about, and I think the fact that it’s so easy to forget his name lends credence to your evaluation of the other villains in the series. Minos was ambitious but he definitely lacked Ad Avis’ cunning.

    I think what you said about Baba Yaga was spot on. I rarely even think of her as a villain in spite of the fact she was the primary antagonist of QFG1 because she generally just seemed to want everyone to respect her and give her some space. She wasn’t so much evil as she was prideful, and maybe even a little scornful of being the subject of biased persecution.

  11. Joseph Austin Says:

    @Ashton – Yeah I always saw him as the series’ primary villain as well. He’s also one of the most wicked. Baba Yaga is just dangerous when you mess with her, Bruno’s just a gangster, and Katrina is simply tragic. But Ad Avis is ambitiously evil, and that’s what makes him a great villain.

    I cannot recall the name of the Dragonfire villain… I need to play that again. He was sort of that way too.

  12. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    Ad Avis stands out in my memory as the series most personal villain. There were plenty of badguys throughout the hero’s quest for glory, but none of them felt like more of a rival to me than Ad Avis, not even Bruno. Nothing felt more satisfying that throwing Erana’s staff through his heart (except maybe front-flipping atop him with Erana’s staff turned stake).

    I am really enjoying reading about Katrina’s past. Her relationship with Tanya was one of the most delightful paradoxes in the game. You truly feel like a hero after rescuing Tanya, but then you start to realize how much Katrina loved the girl you stole from her. I always wanted to see more about how Tanya felt for Katrina. You knew she loved Toby (and who couldn’t) but she said far less about Katrina than I would have liked.

  13. Jeremy Murdoch Says:

    Another great story. This gives her character a fullness.

    I love hearing about Tanya and Toby, they were some of my favourite characters in that game. And the tidbits about Ad Avis are fantastic. I’d love to hear his life story some day.

    All of this recapping on Quest for Glory is exciting. It’s really building the anticipation for Hero-U!

  14. James StarRunner Says:

    Yeah, I figured Katrina wasn’t able to get into town. I think Katrina was a good villainess. It was a tragic story and you almost wanted to root for her. She thought she was doing good things in her mind, but was misguided. There was no cliche, “I want to take over the world”. She had a compelling reason to do what she did and it was sad to see her go at the end.

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