Corey and Lori's Quest Log

Corey and Lori’s Quest Log

Women of Glory 4: Daughter of Darkness

The last thing the Hero recalled was defeating a demon in Fricana and being greeted by the sight of his friends who helped him.

Then he felt himself magically drawn across dimensions to an eerie and dark cave that felt nasty. It didn’t take a Paladin’s sense evil to know that this was a very bad place to be. After a long while of exploring this weird place and avoiding unpleasant ways of dying, the hero finally made his way outside.

Shadowy MeetingThe outside of the cave wasn’t much more pleasant than the inside. It was cold and foggy. There was a sense of looming danger to this area. The hero got the distinct impression that he was not in Kansas anymore.

Then a young woman walked out of the shadows toward him. She welcomed him to Mordavia. She seemed surprised and almost relieved to find the hero here.

She called herself Katrina.

Before the hero could ask her, “What’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?,” she headed back into the forest and was lost in the mists. The hero might suspect that this sweet young thing was more than she seemed, but for the moment he was confused, bemused, and a bit amused by her. He could only hope that he would get to meet her again sometime.

Out of the Darkness

Katrina was indeed surprised and relieved to see the hero alive. She hated it when a magical spell went awry. Her magic had summoned the hero to Mordavia where the hero was supposed to arrive in the Borgov castle. Instead, the power of the Dark One’s cave interfered.
The hero was either very lucky or very skilled to come out of that cave alive.

Either way, Katrina knew that the hero would be very useful to her.

For once, Ad Avis had given her good advice when he suggested that she summon his murderer here. This was not a matter of petty vengeance. This would have world-altering consequences.

And the hero seemed just gullible enough to do the job for which Katrina brought him here..

A Shadowy Past

Katrina grew up in the city of Slava in the kingdom of Vakia. She was the daughter of a Knight’s mistress. Katrina grew up on the edge of poverty, never knowing if her father would continue to support her and her mother from month to month. She hated to see fear on her mother’s face when the knight did not show up to pay her bills.

However, when the knight did visit, Katrina soon realized that her father was as charmed by Katrina as he was by her mother. Katrina learned how to wrap him around her finger with just a smile, a hug, and “I love you, Daddy.” Her father wasn’t the only one. All the older men in the neighborhood enjoyed her friendly smile and cheerful greetings. Sometimes, the old men would give her an apple to share with her mother.

For Katrina learned from her mother – You do whatever it takes to keep from being helpless and hungry.

When Katrina was thirteen, her mother became ill. The knight had not been to see them in months and there was very little money left for food. Their landlord was threatening to evict them for back rent. Katrina cared for her sick mother, but there was no money to buy her medicine. There was nothing Katrina could do to save her mother. She could only watch her mother die.

Then Katrina wiped the tears from her face. She brushed her hair and put on her mother’s best dress. She kissed her mother’s cheek, put two of her remaining coins on her mother’s eyes to pay for the ferryman, and then Katrina walked away, never to return.

You do whatever it takes…

The Wizardess of WIT

Katrina had a series of ‘boyfriends.’ These were older men who were thrilled to have a sweet young thing to flirt and cuddle with. One of these older men was a Wizard. He was surprised when Katrina showed an interest in his magic. He was even more surprised that she had a talent for magic. Soon, she learned all that he could teach her.

Katrina saw magic as a means of taking control of her own life. No longer would she be dependent upon others for food and shelter. She had the power to take charge of her life. She would never be helpless or hungry again – or so she hoped.

When she applied for the Wizard’s Institute for Technocery, the Wizard Council did their best to discourage her. They set the hardest of tests before her. They explained that Wizard magic was a man’s skill. She should go off to learn how to be a healer. Healing was woman’s magic.
(Yes, Erana had been there before, but she wasn’t quite human. Nor was Erana a seductive young woman who seemed determined to have her own way.)

Katrina did not let the old fools in the council keep her from the chance to learn more magic. She excelled in her classes. Most Wizards and TA’s were delighted to have someone lovely in their classrooms who actually listened to their lectures and learned their lessons. It was a novel experience for them.

Katrina spent her nights in the library learning about magic that the Wizards didn’t teach at WIT. There were some spells that were considered too dark, dangerous and unpredictable for sensible Wizards to ever learn. Katrina believed that magic was neither dark nor light. It was all a matter of how the magic was used.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Then came a demonic invasion of Russ caused by an unfortunate former graduate of WIT. To avoid the bad publicity towards Wizards and the institute, the Council sent graduate students to deal with the demons.

Unfortunately, these demons had the ability to possess Wizards. The situation was getting steadily worse.

Katrina offered to go and stop the demons. She had studied the old books and even older spells. She wanted a chance to prove that she was a true Wizard.

The council had a long conference about sending her. On one hand, it seemed wrong to send a woman to do a Wizard’s job. On the other hand, it would get rid of this troublemaker. There were far too many besotted Wizards at the Institute with her around. Besides, she was making the other students jealous because she was the teachers’ pet and got good grades just by blinking her eyelashes. Or so they assumed; it did not occur to most students that one could actually succeed by studying and practicing magic.

So the Council decided to send Katrina off to deal with the demons. It never occurred to them that she might succeed.

However, succeed Katrina did. Using a variation of the ‘Thermonuclear Blast’ spell (one that did not involve suicide as a major component of the spell), she destroyed the demons and the portal. She also disintegrated all of the possessed Wizards and grad students. She felt this was a fair trade-off. They knew the job was difficult when they took it.

Horrified that Katrina had accomplished what much greater Wizards could not do, and that she used ‘forbidden’ magic to do so, the Wizard Council banished her from the Institute.

Katrina was furious that WIT wouldn’t even acknowledge that she had just saved a land and WIT’s precious reputation. However, it didn’t really matter. She had learned about as much as she wanted to from the Institute. It was time to find a new, more powerful teacher.

So Katrina went off to seek the legendary Dark Master.

Dark Mastery

The Dark Master was a former Wizard at the Institute many decades before Katrina’s time. He had the reputation of being very learned and powerful. It was rumored that he had found the secret of agelessness.

Katrina thought it would be easy to become apprentice to an elderly old gentleman. She had charmed every other teacher and would do the same to him.

What she did not know was that the Dark Master was no gentleman. Nor was he alive. He had managed to conceal the fact that he was a Vampire from all of the Wizards. He had no need for an apprentice.

But he did have a need for a Vampire slave.

The Dark Master delighted in the cruelty of turning Katrina into a Vampire and forcing her to do his bidding.

Katrina hated him and hated being helpless to disobey him. She hated the fact that she had to return to her grave before dawn. She hated the fact that she was totally defenseless in the light of day. Being a Vampire sucked.

The Dark MasterKatrina was a servant of the Dark Master for many years until, one night, she seduced a naïve young man. She easily convinced him to stake her evil Vampire master, something Katrina could not do herself. Pity that the hero perished in the process…

Katrina became the new Dark Master.

For all her magic and power, Katrina still had to fear the dawn. She feared that one day some fool would find her coffin during the day and destroy her while she was helpless.

There had to be some way to stop the day from dawning. There had to be some way to end this helplessness.

You do whatever it takes. If there are consequences – and there always are – you deal with them later.

Katrina’s story is a bit more complex than Erana’s. In the next article of this series, we’ll see the Dark Master in action.

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  1. Brandon B. Says:

    I don’t know if it’s possible, but perhaps at a later game, it would be nice to play as Erana or Katrina! 😀 <- great idea.

  2. Ben H Says:

    I was 11 when I first met Katrina. I was, like many others, immediately smitten. This is the girl who the hero will marry i though to myself. I actually cried when she was killed by Ad Avis. Then I nearly cried again when I was given the choice between her and Erana in hades. It was agonizingly easy to choose her, and I felt extremely sad as Erana was banished into oblivion. But I had katrina back!

  3. Roy Martin Says:

    Thank you, Lori, for yet another great read. Katrina fascinated me so much, I always liked her and was saddened by her story. Looking forward to reading the rest of it.

  4. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    @Christopher: I’m totally with you, man. I was maybe 10 years old when I first met Katrina and I was smitten. I was extremely disappointed when Jennifer Hale did not reprise the role in QFG5 because the new Katrina sounded far more harsh and less coquettish than the Katrina of QFG4. She was no longer a femme fatal even if she remained an extremely powerful wizard.

    I loved Katrina’s talent for manipulation and the strength she hid away. She simply would not allow anything to dictate her path in life as evidenced by her refusal of the sacrificial ritual “necessary” to take down the dragon of doom in QFG5. You knew the moment you met her that she was something far greater than she let on and that was part of her intrigue.

  5. Ashton Herrmann Says:

    @Joseph Austin: Because of the huge hit to your vitality that you take after visiting Hades, I had always assumed that the hero was giving up a portion of his vigor or life force to spark the resurrection of Erana or Katrina. There were no permanent in-game consequences, but I liked to think that it aged the hero, even if just a bit. The fact of the matter was that I wished it would have felt like an even greater sacrifice–something akin to the precious Const. point you have to give up to save your companion in Baldur’s Gate 2–rather than just a few more hours on the treadmill.

  6. Christopher Says:

    Katrina, I first encountered when I was about 15 years old and I think i had an irrational crush on her. The seduction ability in her character I think succeeds on many levels not because of her pretty face, or the fact that Humid Mordavian nights makes her take of her veil, but in the beauty of her complexity. There a sadness, and thus curiosity about the hero, that comes through and has struck a different chord in me as I’ve played the game in different stages of my life. Truly a well executed character that resonates with all us die hard QFGers. Thanks for the back story. I’ve been waiting 17 years for this one. :-)

  7. AztecMonkeyGod Says:

    A story so grand it requires two parts, eh? Well played.

    This post reminds me of one of those QFG-inspired fan games in the works years ago. It was supposed to have Katrina as the player character. I wonder what kind of past they would have given her.

    At least now I know the official version.

  8. James StarRunner Says:

    Ah! That explains a lot! She really is the self sufficient type. And dang, I wish I could have learned that version of thermonuclear blast!

  9. Joseph Austin Says:

    This is great, Lori! Katrina will always be a fan favorite.

    Funny how Katrina and Erana are so different, but almost like two sides of one coin. The choice to free only one of them from Hades was not simple.

    Though I always wondered what happens to the hero when he dies after making a choice. They seemed to suggest that he was sacrificing himself to save one of them, yet he gets right back up and marches back to the surface. Did he sell his soul, or just give some blood? That always left me wondering.

  10. Blake Says:

    I completed QFG4 again just last night so reading this back story is just so awesome and meaningful.

    Thank you so much for doing this Lori! :)

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