The 'Hero's Journal' Frontispiece
So You Still Want to be a Hero?

We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

Personal Improvements

Famous Adventurer Here!

Compass RoseI am proud to announce to you all that there have been a variety of improvements made recently to this school.

First of all, I want to thank you all for your tremendous response to the Student Center. It’s amazing how quickly you have all made friends. The conversations at the Student Center are wild and woolly. The Riddle Contest was outstanding.

All in all, the Student Center has been a remarkable, and very welcome, addition to the school.

Personal Messages

We deeply appreciate your suggestions and comments. Whenever possible, we take the suggestions and make them real. Several of you suggested that you needed a way to talk to your fellow adventurers on the path to Heroism in private. Therefore, because You ask for it – You have it! The Student Forums now provides Private Messages for everyone who logs on and participates in discussions.

Learning from Others

Some of you requested a way to see what other students had written about the assignments you have recently completed. Well, now you can! Whenever you complete an assignment, you will see a link appear that shows you the list of everyone who has completed that particular mission. Now you can read what your friends think about these very important subjects.

Soon, you will be able to comment on other people’s assignments, and messages will be sent to the other person alerting them to the comment. Each assignment can become a discussion point. Thus, we will all teach and learn from one another.

Role-Playing at the School

Many of you are already actively involved in creating stories about our fine school. To facilitate your games (and, so you don’t get lost in our halls), we will soon have “Maps of the School” posted upon the walls. You will soon see which dorm room you are staying in!

More Things to Come!

I don’t want to give away too many more surprises about the improvements we are making here, but many new and exciting features are coming your way. So come here often, join in the fun, and improve your own life and future by learning more about becoming a Hero.

So Improve Your Future Today!


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  1. Kylie Says:

    Thankz! for the school map.

  2. aztecmonkeygod Says:

    Excellent! The School continues to get better.

    Thank you for the maps, especially.

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