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May 02 2009

Magical May

Famous Adventurer Here!

MayMay is a very magical time of year. Therefore, I have officially declared May to be the Month of Magic. Our Wizard School provides the finest in Wizardry Instruction outside of the Wizard Institute of Technocery itself!
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Apr 27 2009

Spring Thing

Ars HeroicaIt will soon be the merry, magical month of May. New life springs forth afresh from the soil, the birds return from their Southern sojourns, and the weather turns wonderful. It doesn’t get much better than this.
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Apr 19 2009

Call to All Writers

Famous Adventurer Here!

Ars HeroicaApril is turning toward its last lap,and it is again time to call upon the writing talents of one of the most creative people I know – you. Yes, anyone can have the thrill of being in the Ars Heroica magazine. All you have to do is submit an article to the School Assignments.
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Apr 03 2009

April Announcements

Famous Adventurer Here,

Ah, April – when Spring (for those of us who live on the northern half of the world) truly blooms (for those of us who do not live too far north). It’s a fine time to stick to your commitments and get some more exercise in your life. The energy and excitement you get from the joy of Spring will greatly enhance your School for Heroes work. Besides, you might come across a damsel in distress or a friend in need or perhaps a stranded kitten in a tree. It’s harder to be a Hero when you just sit at home.

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Mar 27 2009

March Forth

Paladin MugMarch has been the Month of the Paladin, and well it should be. No one has as much “Spring” in their step or sunshine in their smile as a Paladin.

Paladin Card

In honor of these valiant vanguards of virtue, we offer new items on our School Bazaar. Surely, there is no better way to encourage others to embrace the cause of Heroism than by sharing a mug of hot chocolate in your very own Paladin Mug? Or how better to show that you care than by sending a kind note on your official School for Hero’s Paladin note cards? You support our Paladins and your school when you shop at our Bazaar.

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