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We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

Noble News or Not

Famous Adventurer Here!

The School PhotoWe have many new and exciting changes happening all around our school. First of all, as you can see to our right, we have a new participatory polling place for people to apply their opinions. The first Question for our polls is “What should we Name our School Newspaper?” The possible answers were derived from the Student Lounge Forum, “The School Newspaper Name Game”. I’d like to personally thank everyone who contributed to this discussion. And now – you can choose the title you want to see gracing the pages of our publication. Take the poll – and make your vote count!

Next on the list of latest improvements, you will find that you can now “Preview” your assignments before you submit them to the instructors. This lets you make the last minute tweaks to perfect your reports.

A new FA’s “Mark of Fame” has been added for those students who provide especially worthy responses to my school-wide assignments.

Several great changes are in progress. The School Atlas – a series of maps with descriptions and commentary by me, The Famous Adventurer – should be printed this week. We are also adding the Quest Log Index so that you can easily find the article you are seeking from the Corey and Lori’s Quest Log. We will have some new School-wide Assignments posted in the next week. All in all, exciting stuff!

Starting Next week, the Major Change to the school is that each class will have a specific day devoted to it. On that day, the grades of the week will be posted and any teacher commentary to the class site will be made. Monday will be Magic Day, Tuesday is devoted to Paladins, Wednesday is for Warriors, and Friday is for Bards. Assignment grades will be posted once a week. This gives you a full week to polish your assignments before you hand them in.

We continual to improve our School for You.

Remember – A Hero is What a Hero does.

The Famous Adventurer


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  1. aztecmonkeygod Says:

    Worthy changes, one and all. I’m especially glad for the “Preview” function, so I can make sure I remembered to format my assignments correctly.

    And, of course, I must strive to earn that “Mark of Fame”. 😎

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