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We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

No More Meeps!

Famous Adventurer Here!

The Famous Adventurer HimselfAt last, I have successfully found my way out of the labyrinthine Meep warren in which I have been trapped for the past month. Do you know what it’s like to crawl through narrow passages for days on end?

Remind me never to accept an invitation to speak with the Mastermind Meep ever again.

I’m not really sure how the Meeps got me to the center of the Meep lair. They blindfolded me and led me by my hand down some very small passages, but my trusty pith helmet protected me from serious cranial damage. Nor did I have to crawl to get to the Mastermind Meep. That would have been the ultimate of indignities, let me tell you.

After hours of walking blindfolded through little twisty passages all alike, I finally got to the Meep Great Hall. Imagine my disgust to find out that the Mastermind Meep wanted to write the Hero’s Journal! He only wanted you students to know how peaceful and lovable Meeps really are – or so he said.

I, of course, told him that while he was welcome to write for the Ars Heroica, the Hero’s Journal is MINE. It is the window to the workings of the School for Heroes and the pen through which I pontificate.

The Mastermind Meep had the nerve to just laugh at me. He told me that I could be his ‘honored’ guest until I changed my mind. Little did he know how stubborn I can be. “Never!” said I.

He laughed again.

At least they fed me well during my captivity. However, I do not think I will ever eat another apple in my life.

No Meeps!I have no idea how many Meeps there are running around the myriad passages under the school. I do know that a Meep Maze is devilishly twisty. I also know that the “Meep Underground Movement” is a definite threat. What sort of threat is unclear. However, it is obvious that no apple orchard is safe from their treacherousness.

The good news is that I have escaped from the Meep machinations and have returned to my rightful place as adjudicator and journalist for the Hero’s Journal.

The better news, of course, is NO MORE MEEPs!

Never let the Little Things get you Down – or at least, not for long.


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