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We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

Meeps Rock!


Mastermind Meep here.

Mastermind MeepWe Meeps have officially commandeered this journal for our own. Too long we have cowered in our holes under our rocks, playing hide and go meep… er… seek.. with humans. It is time for us to meep… er… leap into the forefront. May is now the Month of the Meep!

Today, the month. Tomorrow, the World! Next month – maybe your world…

Throughout time, Meeps have been ignored by you people. Our greatest work of art – Stonehenge – has been attributed to humans. Tell me, who but a Meep would so lovingly stack those rocks? After all, we get all sedimentary about rocks. It’s your people to take rocks for granite.

To properly celebrate Meep Month – feel how tingly those words trip off the tongue – Meep Month – ooh, gives me shivers. Ahem. As I was starting to say, to celebrate Meep Month here at the school for wannabe heroes, we are going to have a Meep of the Week. Yes, each week, one of our main minions will pop up into the spotlight here in the journal. You don’t want to miss this Meep treat.

Remember, we Meeps are your friends. We want to have meepingful relationships with you. We’ll be happy to share your apples and other tasty treats you grow for us. We’re glad to patrol your gardens for pests. (You haven’t lived until you’ve tried our gopher goulash, grasshopper gumbo, and Mole in molé sauce.) We are happy Meeps living in our happy holes. No need to be concerned about our plans for world domination.

So hold on to your pith helmets, boys and girls, it’s going to be a rocky trip through Meep Month. We’ll try not to throw too many stones at you.

Meep on Truckin,

Mastermind Meep


Meep On Truckin



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