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We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

Meeps March On

Mastermind Meep here.

Mastermind MeepAs part of May Meep Month, we Meep are coming out of our holes. Far too many of you humans are not even aware of our existence.

I accept that this abominable ignorance on your part is in part because we Meep have been so successful at being secretive. However, It is time for us Meep to stop hiding under our rocks and leap into the limelight. Meep need to embrace the global community of social networking.

And so, to that end, I’m proud to announce our very own public service webpage – “Meet the Meep”.

Yes, we Meep have our very own page where you can find the answer to every question you wanted to know about Meeps but were afraid to ask. Hey, it’s a start. We even got a mention in Wikipedia. And we got our own poll.

Heh heh heh… Facebook, here we come!

Mastermind Meep


Meep Can Do It!


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