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Meep Month Musings

Mastermind Meep Here.

Mastermind MeepBah. Meep Month is almost over. We successfully commandeered the “Hero’s Journal.” We got our “Meep FAQs Page.” We have done everything we could to ingratiate and endear ourselves to you people.

So, where’s the respect?

Only three people responded to our magnanimous gesture to extend a hand of understanding and enlightenment by posting on the Student Forum. One of you… you know who you are… responded with a joke. The other two showed some semblance of honest curiosity.

But can Meeps really walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time? I mean, really – is that a serious question? Do you have any idea what happens when a Meep tries to blow a gum bubble? You have to have complete concentration to blow a gum bubble, or the end result is not a pretty sight. It can take weeks for all the hair to grow back…

That is why bubble gum blowing is part of the Meep Olympic Games. We compete to see who can blow the biggest bubble without winding up with a hirsute disaster. Meeps love a good challenge. We also like cinnamon gum.

You ask what do Meeps eat… Now that is subject dear to our hearts (and stomachs). We eat anything. We are consummate culinary crafts-meep at coming up with creative and yummy recipes. We win the Meep Iron Chef challenge every year. Any Meep worth his salt can cook. You haven’t lived until you’ve tried Our version of “Gummy Worms.”

As for the question about why we our out to conquer the world… Have no fear. We are happy, friendly Meeps. We always have everyone’s best interests at heart. We exist only to serve. And we will serve man in a wide variety ways…

So, before we let the Famous Adventurer back out of his room, I now accept your accolades and praise for these words of wisdom I have bestowed upon you all this month. You have my permission to comment and compliment upon my immortal prose. By all means, let the Famous Adventurer know how much Meeps mean to you.

May this May have been a Meeply moving experience for all of you.
Mastermind Meep


The Meepinator



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