The 'Hero's Journal' Frontispiece
So You Still Want to be a Hero?

We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

Closed for Remodeling

Famous Adventurer Here!

The Famous Adventurer Himself

The doors to the school are barred and the shuttered tightly. The darkened halls are silent except for the mysterious scrabbling of claws on wooden floors or the rustle of wings in the rafters. There’s a sense of dread, desertion, and loneliness lingering through the halls.

Unless, of course, you are at the school in the daytime.

In the day, there is the noise of hammers and sledges demolishing and remodeling the classrooms and dorms. Workmen fill the halls with noise and dust as they hurry through their daily tasks. The foreman yells and screams at his workers like an episode of Hell’s Kitchen.

And I am watching my earnings from a lifetime of adventuring dwindle amidst overtime and overwork.

However, I am confident that all these changes will thrill and interest you so much that you can’t wait to once more pursue an academic career of adventure, excitement, and above all, heroism, here at our School. I think you will be so intrigued by what we are about to do here that you will be more than happy to put your money down to further your heroic education by supporting our School for Heroes Kickstarter.

What’s a Kickstarter, you ask? It’s a way for us to pay off all the workers, foremen, instructors, Meeps, and designers. Just keep an eye on our school website and we will reveal more about this amazing money-making movement that will allow us to make the School fun for all and all for fun – and heroism.

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  1. RUSM Says:

    Here is to this project being bigger than the Internet!

  2. Alex Says:

    I’m so happy about this.

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