The 'Hero's Journal' Frontispiece
So You Still Want to be a Hero?

We are proud to announce that this is not a mere 'School' for Heroes. We are now officially the Hero's University. Congratuations, all - you've graduated!

A Brand New Start

Famous Adventurer Here!

A New Year has begun and the School for Heroes again opens its doors to new students and new events. We want to thank all of you who have supported and stayed with us throughout this turbulent first year. You survivors now know for a fact that a little learning can be a very dangerous thing. You’ll be pleased to know that many of the students who suffered unfortunate accidents last year are recovering with only minor inconvenient disabilities.

Bardic Beginnings

BardWe are proud to announce the upcoming publication of the next edition of our school magazine, “Ars Heroica”. This month’s theme will be about those melodious and memorable masters of enriching and enlightening entertainment, the Bards. Our Bard Instructor, The Great Lorenzo himself, will regale us with tales of his illustrious career and give us insights into what it means to be a bard. Our Bard Performer, Gaarik, presents a personal story about what it means to be a Bard. Even our Novice Paladin, Tiny Anita, practices his poetry with a sonnet on “The Soul of Heroism.”

On other serious matters, the Knight RUSM gives a call to action to us all to act as true Heroes to the nation of Haiti. He gives practical information on how each of us can help ease the suffering of the earthquake victims.

Our Disbarred Bard, Pseudo, has written a rather controversial essay on the futility of Heroism. I hope you will all see fit to add your own comments and opinions about this subject.

Apprentice Aztec Monkey God has some interesting thoughts on how to be a Hero every day.

I’m sure we’ll have some other surprises to share with you in this insightful and interesting issue of Ars Heroica.

An Astonishing Announcement

We would like to be the first to announce that those renowned game designers, Corey and Lori Cole, are actively involved in designing an interactive fiction game based upon the School for Heroes. (Unfortunately, this secret was already mentioned in the Silmarian Sun, so we’ll have to settle for being the second to announce this amazing event.) Yes, our school will be the center of their new game. I, the Famous Adventurer, will have a prominent role as guide and mentor for the game.

We will be talking more on this subject as it nears its release.

Keep on Adventuring!



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