Welcome to the Band of Bards

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Many changes have happen to the school since we began this performance. Great things - things that will affect your future. After all, with each practice, each performance you make, you alter yourself and what you will become.

The Band of Bards is now the official sponsor of the Short Story Writers Circle in the Student Center. This circle is open to anyone at the school who wants to hone their writing skills. We are all invited to participate or at least applaud their literary efforts.

From this week onward, Friday will be the official Bard day. All bardic performance reviews and grades will be posted on that day. In the meantime, I encourage you all to join in the discussions and fun in our Student Center. Be sure to make a name for yourself, and make friends. There's no better place to play.

Lorenzo Lafcado


Bards Inspire


Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the Greatest Journey of Your Life - the Path to becoming a Bard!

Bards have talent. You, no doubt, have artistic, musical, emotive, creative, or any combination of unique skills that we use to express our thoughts, dreams, and experiences. Talent is what puts us on the first step toward becoming a Bard. To be a Bard, you must have passion, determination, discipline, and empathy for your audience. It is every bit as important How you do something as What you do.

You will be the teacher as well as the entertainer. Your message will capture the audience's imagination and enthralls their thoughts. You will bring them wisdom as well as hope.

I, the Great Lorenzo, am a Master Bard who has performed before the ruling houses throughout Europa. My songs and stories filled the halls with inspiration and beauty. I have mocked the foolishness of petty tyrants and lauded the deeds of heroes. I have captured the hearts of my listeners and inspired them to take action.

You, too, with work and vision, become a Bard. This class shall be your muse and your spur. Together, we will push you to the heights of your skills. Together, we will change the world!

Seal of the Bards Lorenzo Lafcado

"The Great Lorenzo"


Performance Levels

How to Raise Your Ranking

There are nine ranks in the Band of Bards. Just as it takes practice to perfect your skills, it takes effort upon your part to become a Bard.

The beginning level of the Band is called, "Performer." It matters not what skills you have, unless you share them with others, they are wasted. Our first lessons concentrate upon developing your talents and on "showing off." As you complete your assignments and submit your reviews and conclusions, you will earn points.

When you have earned 150 points, you will rise in status to the title of "Entertainer."

When you have gained 350 points, we will call you, "Showman."



For Assignments, you will find a link from your personal page. Once you complete your mission, you report your conclusions and opinions upon your assignments page. This report will then be posted upon the forums.

For the nonce, seeing as we have neither assignments nor forums, all Missions or practices may be sent directly to me by way of the medium of email. You may contact me by bard at theschoolforheroes.com

I look forward to enjoying your performances.
- The Great Lorenzo