Atlas for The School for Heroes

Famous Adventurer here.

Welcome to our beloved School for Heroes. This is the map and tour guide for all newcomers, prospective students, and visitors to our fine school.

The School for Heroes is located just east of the booming metropolis of Silmaria on the beautiful island of Marete. Our school grounds are perched on sheer sea-drenched cliffs high above the cerulean waters of the Med Sea. We revel in the balmy (if sometimes wet) and bright (except when it is foggy) climate ideal for outdoor activities year round (except during the rainy season).

May your life always be an Adventure!

- The Famous Adventurer

Seal of the School

Note: The images you will find here in our atlas are just illustrations of our grounds, not true maps. They show the locations and their positions relative to one another. The proportions are obviously a bit skewed, but until we have arial photography or an artist who is willing to be levitated over the school, we will settle for this graphic representation. Remember - the Map is Not the Territory!


School Exterior

The School Grounds

The West End Entrance

Our school grounds are surrounded by the grapevine-cloaked stone and magically warded walls that protect the safety of our students from the scrutiny of the paparazzi or the peeping thomas. The main access to the school from Silmaria is through the arched gatehouse with its massive wooden gates of richly carved wood. Our gatekeeper, Gregor, is always at hand to greet the comings and goings of those privileged to pass onto our fine campus. Gregor may be a Kobold but, although it may be difficult to understand his dialect, he will always be happy to greet you as you arrive at our School for Heroes.

Viniculture and Vineyards

As you walks eastwardly along the cobblestone road toward the stone edifice that is our school, you can admire the old wine house to the south. This was once a winery called, "The Oaken Acorn," which produced some of the finest vintages found anywhere in Marete. Some of the original grape vines can be found to the north of the main building. Also on the south, you can also see our medicinal herb and rose garden where even beautiful flora also serves a heroic role.

Archery, Arena, and Martial Arts

Beyond the garden, you can see the practice fields where our martial-minded warriors work out and paladins practice. We encourage everyone to get their daily exercise. After all, mens sana in corpore sana.

Stable Relationships

Stable MateTo the North of the road lies the new stables that houses the riding horses and noble mounts of our students. The previous stables was burned to the ground. It was only through the heroic actions of our students that the entire school did not meet a similar fate. Fortunately, no horses were injured in this event thanks to their rescue by those brave individuals who demonstrated their compassion and courage in the face of danger.

Technocery Tower

Also to the north you will see our new Wizard Tower. This tall tower, built of purple and deep blue marble, shows to the entire city of Silmaria that we have an accredited School for Wizards. Our Wizard instructor, Professor Silvia Witherspoon Featherstonehaugh, served as staff in the halls of WIT itself before joining us here.

Also to the north is our lovely pond that serves as a swimming pool on sultry summer days.

The Courtyard

Proceeding onward, you will come to the courtyard of the school. Here, the pillars and archway of a Roman villa have been grafted onto the Albionese castle and manor house which houses our marvelous school. The courtyard with its shallow wading pool, mermaid-shaped fountain, and shade-loving plants is a quiet refuge, perfect for studying on a warm afternoon. In the northeast corner, you will see the life size marble statue of the founder of our school, The Famous Adventurer, with feather pen and book in his hands. The double doors into the school were carved of mahogany imported direct ely from Inja. The school building itself was brought stone by stone from the alabaster cliffs of Dover in Albion. It is certainly one of the most impressive feats of architecture in Marete!

The Eastern Edge

At the back of our school, as you leave our large dining hall, you will find the picnic area where you can enjoy your luncheon feasts in the fresh air. Beyond the picnic area is the old Romanesque bathhouse, where you can enjoy the tile murals upon the floor and the walls. Unfortunately, this building is closed off as the old water heating system of bygone days has long since gone to the Great Waterworks of the Afterlife. It is still an attractive addition to our school grounds.

The Rock Garden

MeepSouth of the picnic area, you will find our rock garden. Large rocks from many parts of the world can be found there. Under these rocks in a labyrinth of twisty passages all alike is the underground realm of the Meeps, the strange bipedal fluffballs that infest, er, share our facilities. It is unclear just how far these passages extend.

The southeastern corner of our school grounds rises onto a rocky precipice that juts out over the white-capped waters of the Med Sea a hundred meters below. Here one can watch the galleons and merchant vessels sail by in route to the busiest harbor and most modern city of all of Gloriana, Silmaria.

The Wild Woods

Along the eastern section of our school grounds encroaches the great Wild Woods. This forest of oak and cedar have defied the woodsman's axe and demands of civilization for centuries. Many a man has been lost for days after stepping but a few feet beside the treacherous trees. Wild and magical creatures are said to roam its reaches. Although some of this forest intrudes past our rock wall, we warn everyone at our school not to harm the trees or try to carve your initials into the bark. The tree might decide to carve its initials into your bark, in retaliation.

We also warn all students that one should not tread the wild woods unwarily - and never, never go there at night.

The Weeping Oak

In the northeast corner of our grounds, there stands a huge weeping oak tree. Local Legend has it that this was once the home of a Dryad who protected this Wild Woods. She fell in love with Thomas Deflora, the man who decided to build a winery here on the Wild Woods Hill. With her love, the winery flourish and Deflora became one of the wealthiest men in Silmaria. He was the one to build the structures that now house our School for Heroes. However, according to the old stories, Deflora decided he needed a wife and an heir. He spurned the love of the Dryad. When he betrayed her love, the Dryad jumped off the precipice into the sea, and the tree has mourned her ever since.

It will be noted that Deflora lost his fortune soon afterwards as the vineyard ceased to grow anything but rotted grapes. However, this may just be a coincidence or fable.